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About Pat Mayberry

Pat Mayberry is a Canadian singer-songwriter and hymn writer. She was born in Montreal and spent the first 12 years of her life in Canada before moving to England with her family, where she was fortunate to be witness to the huge emerging music scene there. She continued her education at a girl’s grammar school in the southwest of England and later went on to study Sociology at Durham University and Social Work at Edinburgh University. 

Music was a huge focus of family life and music could be heard at any time of the day or night in the family home. Pat’s mother was the organist in the village church, her brothers play violin and oboe, her sister and father play piano. Singing and making music together were always part of family gatherings. Pat played piano from a young age and moved on to the guitar in her teen years, joined a blues band and had a lot of fun!  

Pat returned to Canada at age 29 working as a hospital and community Social Worker. In 1992, she became a member of the United Church of Canada where much of her recent music has been nurtured and inspired. 

Pat loves the spaciousness and inspiration of country life and also the connections offered by the city. She happily divides her time between Ottawa and a small farm in Eastern Ontario where she lives with her partner, 6 horses, 12 barn cats, a dog and 3 chickens.

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