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Finding That Song

This is the first blog in a series of blogs talking about the songs on my new album Listening Now. I hope you enjoy. People often ask me about the inspiration for the songs I write, and how I created them, or discovered them as is more often the case . I like to think that songs already exist out there in the universe and that it is really up to us to listen closely enough to hear them and bring them into the world. The title song for the album, also called Listening Now, it was written in just that way. What began as an openness to discovering a new song, became a song about the process of finding it. I often find being in nature and walking helps my creative process. Sometimes simply looking out the window and watching the wind in the trees is enough to spark a line of melody or a few words. I am very fortunate to be able to walk out of the door to our home into the sea of trees that lies beyond whenever I want. On this day “I walked to the forest, I sang to the trees, I lifted my heart with the wind in the leaves.” and listened for the song that waited. If this all sounds a bit ethereal, well it is and it isn’t. For me it’s all about finding a way into that zen space or quiet focussed space that allows us to be creative. We all find this in our own ways. It may be by being in nature, doing pottery or yoga, drawing or writing or riding a horse. Whatever our way of finding that place where time disappears, this, for me is where the inspiration starts. Of course listening is not just about listening for songs, but also about listening for the truth of our own calling and purpose in the world and for guidance in bringing that purpose to life. Listening also means listening to the voices of others, especially those in our world who are marginalized and oppressed, to the voice of Creation itself. Listening Now as opposed to just listening, speaks to my own growing awareness of this imperative, that we must listen Now in order to be part of the energy that will bring peace and healing to our wounded world. May it be so. Pat March 2022 ReplyForward

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