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Labyrinth, Songs for the Journey 2009


Labyrinth, Songs for the Journey is inspired by the metaphor of the archetypal Labyrinth. The Labyrinth can be seen as a reflection of Life's sacred journey, a journey of joys and sorrows, discovery and unfolding. The Labyrinth is an ancient symbol found in many cultures and traditions around the world. A Labyrinth is not a maze.  There are no tricks and no dead ends. The Labyrinth is a single pathway. We enter, travel to the centre and return by the same path. Walking the Labyrinth can be a meditation, a time of reflection and letting go, or a symbolic pilgrimage to the centre of all that is holy. Each experience of the Labyrinth is unique.Typical stages in the Labyrinth walk are Release, as we let go of our struggles and empty our minds; Receive, as we open to the healing energies of the universe, and Respond, as we take what we have received back out into the world, into the Life to which we are each called.

You Know Me begins the album as we start to allow ourselves to be freed of the stresses of the day. Moving to the centre of the Labyrinth, we listen to This Shall be a Sacred Place. As we move outwards again, we hear Called by Earth and Sky and other songs that inspire us to take back what we have learned into the world. The songs on the Labyrinth album are intended to reflect in turn the themes of Release, Receive and Respond, though life is never quite like that! so each may contain a little of each of the others.

Enjoy the journey


For a digital copy of Labyrinth, please click here.

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