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Listening Now

Listening Now

The 12 original songs on Pat’s 2022 CD are songs which speak to the quietening that has occurred at many levels during the pandemic years, but are also a reflection of the personal and societal changes that have occurred in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. The title song Listening Now is a beautiful gentle song about listening for the music of nature and in nature. 

“I walked to the forest, I sang to the trees

I lifted my heart with the wind in the leaves”

But the title also calls us to listen, listen to the voices of those in Black and Indigenous communities, to People of Colour and those who have been marginalized in our society. Reconciliation is written from the perspective of the white person who “Thought it was enough to say I’m sorry”. This is a powerful call to “wake up, it’s time to raise our voices” 


Waiting and I Saw a River are songs which open the heart to themes of love and nature. The theme of water in I Saw River is frequently found in Pat’s music.

” I saw a river. I heard the sounding of the sea

I saw a river she blessed me” need accent on blessed


Rise Up Strong was a wonderful collaboration between Pat and Soulspace, a collective of Ottawa church and community groups working to support street health workers. The words to Rise Up Strong were written by Pat together with a group of Ottawa street health workers. Pat then set these words to music and the song was released with a video directed and produced by Danielle Rolfe of Soulspace. Check out the video.



To purchase a digital copy of Listening Now, go to Bandcamp


Listening Now will be available on Spotify in the summer of 2022.

  • Physical CD

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