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We are Dreamers

We are Dreamers

We Are Dreamers is a collection of bright 10 original songs, which focus on the themes of social justice, our relationship with nature and our calling to the “Dream” of Creation. The songs are rich with melody and harmony and poetry which is Pat’s songwriting signature. 

The title song We are Dreamers calls us to name ourselves as justice makers, peacemakers, lovers and survivors. In this song as in many others, Pat brings the word and associations of darkness to a place of hope and positivity. 

“May the darkness be our shelter 

And the light an open door” 

Rivers, oceans and lakes have been the inspiration for many of Pat’s songs, either sitting by them or writing about them! The Great River and These Waters are Sacred are both songs that speak of our sacred relationship with water, water that sustains and blesses us every moment of our lives. 

All our women is the second of three songs written for the yearly Ottawa memorial service to commemorate the 14 women massacred in Montreal in 1989. The memorial has evolved over many years to become a focal point for highlighting and speaking out to end violence against women.

The song And We Kissed is a warm delicate love song, in the folk style, and has been arranged by Canadian composer and arranger Laura Hawley for treble voices. Sheet music is available through her website at


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For a digital copy of We are Dreamers, please click here.

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