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Pat Mayberry

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Pat Mayberry is a Canadian singer-songwriter and hymn writer. Beginning as a more lyrical folk singer and writer, Pat has increasingly included themes of spirituality, social justice and our relationship with nature in her music. She has released 5 CDs of original songs. Voice to Voice 1999, Heartbeat 2004, Labyrinth 2009, and We are Dreamers 2014. A 4 song CD Home to the Shieling was written to accompany the book Reclaiming the Commons for the Common Good by acclaimed Canadian Author Heather Menzies.
Pat’s 6th CD, Listening Now was released on March 15h, 2022
In the past 15 years, Pat has also found her place as a beloved hymn writer and creator of Music for Worship within the United Church of Canada. Her worship music has been widely used across Canada and internationally. Donna Sinclair of the United Church Observer describes Pat’s music as “a mystic’s journey to the centre of a very contemporary faith.”
Whether it be a love song, a song calling for social justice or a hymn, Pat strives to use language which is inclusive and accessible, and melodies that open the heart. We hear the beautiful blend of lyrics and melody in so many of Pat’s songs. Her lyrics have often been described as poetry. 
“There are many songwriters around. Few capture the depth of spirit and use language that speaks to people as well as does Pat” Sharon Moon, author of the Healing Oasis.
The poetry of Hope is embedded in all of Pat’s music and her choruses are often calls to raise our voices and lift the spirit. From Out of This Brokenness on the Heartbeat album, we hear:
“Out of this brokenness, we lift our wings
Into the emptiness, we rise and sing
These voices born of earth and moon and stars
It’s who we are”
In Reconciliation on the Listening Now album, we are asked into the circle of “sacred conversation” that must happen for us to begin the journey to reconciliation with indigenous peoples.

From songs that are deeply meditative, to calls for all of us to stand up and speak up for racial and social justice, Pat’s music will both inspire and uplift you with words and melodies which will stay with you long after their hearing.


About Pat Mayberry

Pat Mayberry is a Canadian singer-songwriter and hymn writer with a passion for melody and harmony, and music that touches the listener deeply.

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